You’ve always wanted to create a Smart Mirror that recognizes your face and gives you recommendations on what clothes to wear and Alexa is speaking to you while you’re getting ready. Your wardrobe is already on the cloud and the mirror has a touchable swipeable interface that allows you to select your clothes and get a real-time try-on.

It’s a thing of the past, Smart Mirror projects also known as Magic Mirror has been there for a long time. This repo – has a great number of installable modules for your raspberry pi. This is what you’ll need. It’s very cheap if you know the area in which the cheapest electronics are being sold.

The Components: (Buy it all at the same store for cheaper price)

  • You’d need a monitor or a tablet/ tv display. (We used an old Compac PC Display) – Zero cost
  • A Raspberry Pi 3 , or Raspberry Pi 4.0 with a Wi-Fi adapter & 16GB SD CARD. (Cost – 2.8k to 3k INR)
  • A two-way glass mirror about the size of your monitor ( Cost – 150 to 300INR)
  • A custom cardboard frame or a metallic frame that can hold the Mirror together.
  • IR Touch Overlay to add touch interface
  • Raspberry Pi Camera module or a Logitech WebCam for facial recognition (Pi Camera – 350 or 800 depending on 5MP or 13MP)
  • Mouse, Keyboard, HDMI
  • Alexa echo dot

No cost if you already have a spare Raspberry Pi and you never worked on it.

Step 1:- Start with connecting the components of the raspberry pi and mount the sd card with the operating system (It’s better to install the MagicOS with preinstalled modules ). It takes time at the start ~ approx 20 mins or so but after that it’s really smooth.

Step 2:- Train a face model on and download the TFJS model and integrate with your html website or React Web App.

Step 3:- Get Weather API from and any news API of your preference if you want to integrate that with your web app

Step 4:- Integrate Smart Trial Mirror to try on your face with

Step 5:- Use the facial model to elevate different moods if the face detected is sad or happy, you play different types of music or ask Alexa to ask Google assistant to play a youtube video of Sneaky Freaky Podcast.

Step 6:- Glass and Frame fitting with the Monitor is one really daunting task if you’re like me who can hurt himself on the faintest of things. Try to get it done from a frame guy.

If you really wished someone else at Buildawn did this for you, we heard you! 😎

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