Delivery Information

1. We classify a product as EOL after 10 years.

*Unless the PC is extremely high end and can sustain for more years, like Xenon Processors, etc.

*The customer chooses to upgrade some parts through us, then we provide warranty for that part only.

2. The warranty is not eligible when,

*The user upgraded PC without our knowledge.

*PC was serviced through some other vendor.

*Upgrade wasn't purchased through us.

*Used against the recommended usage.

3. Warranty is based on the Manufacturer's Warranty, we don't provide a warranty from Buildawn.

4. Short-Circuiting and blowing up of Resistors, etc aren't covered under warranty.

5. Return Policy is implied only where the product has defect or damage. We do not accept returns in case of the wrong selection made by the customer.

6. Customers may be asked to send the product back, in case the reverse pick up cannot be honoured due to operational restrictions. 

7. Return shipping charges will be reimbursed in the form of store credit.

8. No Cancellation or Return on wrong selection post-delivery. All customers are requested to check specifications/configuration requirements.

9. Return Policy is implied only where the product has defect or damage. Cases where the wrong selection was made by the customer, will be considered discretionary returns and may attract Cancellation/Restocking charges (15% on Product value).

10. Customers can contact the respective service centre or email for warranty support.

11. Cancellation of order post procurement/prior to delivery may attract up to 15% restocking charges.

12. In case of wrong selection of products by the customer, the return request may not be considered post-delivery of the product.

13. Refunds will take a minimum of 8 working days.

14. Any products purchased from us for any special usage in abnormal environment i.e. Other than normal usage should be informed to us at the time of purchase otherwise the warranty is void and null.

15. No Customer can waive responsibility on grounds of ignorance of terms & conditions.

16. Physical damage/mishandling of products / Tampering of warranty stickers - do not cover warranty. All product sold by us requires technically qualified PC Hardware engineers for installation.